Murphy's Turf Sauce



Kitty O’Byrne’s Turf Sauce is a savory Irish stout sauce, containing, yes you’ve guessed it, Murphy’s! It is a versatile condiment that works as a table sauce, baste, marinade, pouring and dipping sauce. It also makes a wonderful flavour enhancer and will add amazing flavour to just about anything you can cook.

Turf Sauce combines Murphy’s Irish Stout, tomatoes and spice for a sweet and tangy flavour with no added salt, oil, additives or preservatives.

Turf Sauce is perfect for pulled pork, BBQs, sauces, gravies, pies, stews, burgers, toasted sandwiches and much more.

All Kitty O’Byrnes products are handmade, 100% Irish produced and contain no added salt, additives and preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarians!

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